Personal Reinvention 101

November 28, 2012

Over the course of life most of us will find ourselves at a point (at least once) where we, whether out of necessity or desire, need or want to start over again.  

Wipe the slate clean.  

Declare a “do-over.”  

Take an off-ramp from the path we’re on, and change routes, so we can arrive at a different destination than the one to which we are currently headed.   

Through personal experience and application, I’ve learned it’s quite possible to do so.  This belief is so deeply rooted in my spirit, that I’ve made it a major focus to help others identify and overcome whatever obstacles are hindering them from realizing their dreams.

 “Follow Your Passion! Pursue Your Purpose! Become the Person You Know You Were Born to Be!”  is my basic message to my clients, and for that matter, everyone I meet. 

There is no reason to lead an unfulfilled life.  

There is no glory to be gained by continuing to feel unhappy or stuck in an unhealthy, stagnant situation. 

As my father use to say, “Where there is life, there is hope.”   It’s never too late to start over, change your course, and start taking steps toward becoming the person you know in your heart you were meant to be!

The process doesn’t necessarily happen overnight but it really isn’t all that complicated.  Like any journey, it begins with one step.  The first being, deciding what you want to change.  The next, is to do something, anything, that qualifies as movement (even if a very small one) in the right direction and continue to build on it daily.

Do you want to change?

Would you like to take control of your life?

Are you restless, unsatisfied, or weary, of the way things currently are?

What will you do today to initiate the process of change? 

How will you turn yourself around and head in the right direction?

Think about it.  Come up with a plan.  

And remember, if you get stuck, I am here to help!  

It’s what I do. 


Becky J. Taylor

Bold New Day! LLC

“Follow Your Passion!  Pursue Your Purpose!

Become the Person You Know You Were Born to Be!” 



My cat Skippy is the epitome of the “curious cat.”  His antics, while amusing, are also cause for concern at times.  You see, Skippy especially loves to run out side every time he sees the door opened.  That might not sound like such a bad thing, but we live in an area where coyotes abound and everyone who knows anything about the wily creatures knows they consider felines a great delicacy.  Skippy is quite smart and quick on his feet, but he would be no match for a coyote!  Thus my decision to keep him inside where he is safe.

Before you start feeling sorry for Skippy being confined to the house, let me assure you he is afforded just about every luxury his little kitty-mind could imagine.  He has well over 3,000 sq. feet of living space to explore, lots of toys to play with, another cat and dog friend readily available for his amusement … and three humans at his beck and call whenever he feels the need for a cuddle or a good scratch behind his ears.

Nine out of ten cats agree; Skippy pretty much has it made as far as the “good life” goes.   Skippy, on the other hand (or paw, as the case may be) still can’t resist the lore of the outdoors and manages to escape quite often.

Luckily for him, we humans who share his abode normally use the garage door when we come and go.  That means, when the door opens and Skippy escapes, he can’t usually go any farther than the garage area.

So, several times a week Skippy bolts through the door that opens from the kitchen into the garage.  We sigh and simply shut the door behind him, knowing that eventually he’ll grow weary of exploring the area and yowl, as only a Siamese cat can, to be let back in.

Inevitably, upon seeing us open the door to allow his re-entry, he looks up as if to say, “Why in the world did you put me out there?”

Silly cat!  He seems to forget that it was his decision to go out the door to begin with.  If it were up to us, he would never go through any door leading to the dangers of the outside world.

We humans can be a lot like Skippy. Tempted by the unknown that lies outside our realm of safety, we bolt through opened doors, only to find ourselves lost and in danger. God provides for our every need and yet we can’t resist the lure of the unknown that lies beyond our given boundaries.    If we are wise, we will eventually realize the error of our ways and cry out to be let back inside, where we are safe.

Then, once we are rescued, we tend to look at the God and ask, “Why did YOU put me out there?”

All along, we know it was not God who put us there at all. We went on our own accord, then blamed Him when things didn’t work out as we imagined.

If only we would realize.  Not every door that opens is meant to be passed through.  Some doors lead us into blessings, protection, and God-given destiny, while others only offer access to danger, even death, or at the very least, unnecessary distraction and the wasting of our precious time.

Thankfully, God not only gives us freedom to choose what doors we pass through, but He also offers rescue and forgiveness for the asking, when we make the wrong choices.

Choose your doors wisely, and remember, God’s plan for you is good!


Becky J. Taylor

Bold New Day! LLC


Good-Bye Mom!

October 27, 2011

I didn’t make it to my mother’s bedside in time to say good-bye the night she died.  I’d told my sister to tell her  I was on my way, but she didn’t need to wait for me … a decision I regretted once I finally arrived at the hospital and found she’d actually done just that.

As it turned out, Mom had taken her final flight at about the same time my plane was landing in Ohio that dreary, October evening.

Even though we knew her disease was terminal, we didn’t expect her to pass when, or in the manner she chose to go.  And well, the truth is, no matter how prepared you think you are, you’re never really prepared to lose your mother.

On the long ride from the airport to the hospital, I reminded myself of how sick Mom looked just the day before when I left her.  Even as sick as she was,I was optimistic that I’d be seeing her again in less than a month. Otherwise, I never would have left.  I kissed her on the forehead and told her I’d be back at Thanksgiving.  She smiled her million dollar smile and told me to have a safe trip.

I left her room and started down the cold corridor to the lobby, but something made me turn around and go back one more time.  Mom was sitting propped up in her bed, staring out the window at the courtyard beyond.

“Mom!”  I called to her from the doorway, “I love you!”

She turned to smile at me again, and said, “I love you too.”

I say I had no idea, but something in me had to have known it would be the last time I’d  see her, because I cried like a baby for an hour after I left. Less than 12 hours after my arrival back home in Georgia that night, I got “the call” from my sister.  Mom had taken a sudden turn for the worse and I needed to head back to Ohio as soon as I was able.

So I caught the first flight available out of Atlanta …

I was shocked by how awful Mom looked when I finally found my way to her hospital room.  My first thought was that she wouldn’t have wanted us to see her that way. I know from my experience in the medical field that the hospital staff normally “dresses” deceased patients for their families.  They disconnect IV’s and tubes, brush their hair,smooth the covers around them,  and do whatever else they can to make them look as if they’re only sleeping.

None of that had been done for my mother.  She looked terrible.  My sister explained that the nursing unit had been especially busy that night and they’d not had time to prepare Mom’s body for her family to see.

That horrible image of her haunted me constantly in the  weeks that followed. Every time I closed my eyes to sleep at night, I’d see her lying on her death-bed, looking as if she were in anguish. It was so bad, I found myself not wanting to think about her at all.

I couldn’t stand it.

I begged God to wipe that image from my mind.

After about a month of restless nights and those terrible haunting images, I had a wonderful dream.  In that dream, I was looking out the window and I saw my mother … not as I’d ever known her, but as a young, beautiful, healthy woman standing in a lush, green, field.  I excitedly pecked on the window in an attempt to get her attention.

It took her a moment to acknowledge me, but she finally turned and looked my way As her eyes met mine, her face lit up with that beautiful trademark smile of hers.

And she waved at me …

Then turned and walked away, disappearing into the distance.

Never again have I been tormented by the awful image of my mother as she looked on her death bed.  Rarely, do I even remember her as she was in the latter years of her life.  The image that is now permanently engraved in my memory is her  as I know she truly is for eternity..  young, healthy, vibrant, smiling, happy, beautiful … FREE!

I thank God for the gift of allowing me to see my mother one more time.  I am blessed, knowing that not only was I able to say my proper good-bye to her, but that He also allowed her to say her last good-bye to me.

I love you, Mom … and I’ll see you, on the other side!














In memory of Juanita Fairchild Sheets

9/2/1925 – 10/27/20o4

Forever in the presence of her Lord!

What’s Stopping You?

January 5, 2011

“Go! What’s stopping you?” is the slogan used by a major airline here in the U.S.  While this question is written to inspire people to fly with their particular company, it provides good food for thought for us all.

What’s stopping you from living the life you know you could be living?  What keeps you from chasing (and catching) your dreams?

Fear of failure?

Lack of belief in yourself?

The poor economy?

Most of us could legitimately claim at least one reason for not whole-heartedly pursuing our dreams, but if we allow those things to hold us back, we will eventually be left with nothing but a long list of “what could have been.”

As the airline motto implies, it’s time to leave all excuses behind and start moving forward in the direction of your dreams. Start now!   Instead of focusing on the reasons why you can’t, make a list of all the reasons you should and can, and redirect your thoughts toward those instead.

At first, this may take some conscious effort on your part, but aren’t your dreams worth it?

STOP complaining and rationalizing away your success.

GO in the direction of your dreams!

And don’t give up until you see those dreams come true!

God Bless!

Coach Becky J. Taylor

Bold New Day! LLC

Personal Development Coaching for Women

Follow Your Passion!  Pursue Your Purpose!

Become the Person You Know You Were Born to Be!


Coach Becky J. Taylor (Bold New Day! LLC) specializes in Personal Development Coaching for Women, based on Christian principles. She is available  for personal coaching, group coaching, face to face or phone coaching sessions, speaking engagements, women’s events, and workshops anywhere in the continental United States.

How Not to Fail in 2011!

December 27, 2010

It’s that time of year again!  Time to think about the New Year and make those dreaded resolutions everyone talks so much about.

Statistics indicate that most resolutions get dropped within a few weeks of being set.  In other words, the odds appear to be stacked against you from the get-go.

Well, let me assure you, that doesn’t have to be the case!  You and your resolutions can be the exception to this unwritten rule.


I’m glad you asked!

Here are a few tips to help you succeed in 2011!

1. Keep It Real (But Dream Big!)

Often the reason we fail to meet our goals is that we set them too high.  Our plans look great on paper, but in reality they just don’t work.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed if your goal is realistically unattainable. I believe this is the reason most people drop their resolutions so quickly.  They look at that big mountain of goals they’ve built for themselves … and feel inadequate to conquer it, so they don’t really even try.

Now, I am the last person on earth who will tell you something can’t be done.  Those who know me at all, also know I insist on reaching for the stars … and have every intention of grasping them!  However, reaching some goals takes longer than others. For example, you may want to lose 150 lbs but it might be nearly impossible (not to mention physically unhealthy) for you to lose that much in one year.

Instead of saying “I want to lose 150 lbs in 2011”, say “I want to lose 150 lbs and I will begin by losing 1-2 lbs a week in 2011.”

That doesn’t sound nearly as overwhelming as losing 150 lbs, now does it?

2. Prioritize!

How badly do you want to reach your goals?  Which ones are most important to you?  Sit down and brainstorm.  List everything you want to do/change in the coming year.  Spend some time thinking about everything on your list.  What is most pressing? Which items matter the most in the scheme of things?  Most importantly, “Why do you want to reach each particular goal?Inspiration is critical.  If you don’t have a good “why?” you may not stay motivated enough to push through.

Narrow your list down to no more than five or six goals for the New Year.

3. Be specific!

Say, “I will lose 1-2 lbs a week in 2011”   (I’m using weight loss as an example because that is one of the most common resolutions.)  Apply this approach to each goal on your list.

4. Make a plan!

Don’t just say you will, decide how you will!  Write your plan down and implement it.

“I will  join the gym.”

“I will hire a personal trainer.”

“I will throw all the unhealthy food in my pantry away and replace it with more healthy choices.”

or even, “I will talk to the doctor about weight loss surgery.”

You can wish, hope, and dream as much as you want, but without putting action behind those wishes, hopes, and dreams, chances are nothing will change!

5. Make a friend!

Connect with others who share similar goals. Any task will be made much simpler when you have someone to talk too, laugh with, cry with and of course celebrate with!  Remember, friendship is a two way street … be ready and willing to offer the same support to your friends!

6. Be accountable!

Accountability is key!  Your friend can be very helpful in this area, but you might also want to consider hiring a professional coach to help hold you accountable. You’ll be much more likely to stay focused if you know someone else is going to be keeping track of what you do (or do not) accomplish each week.

7. Be Committed!

Commit to your resolutions!  Focus on them every day.  Don’t give in to temptations to toss them aside.  If you slip and fall, don’t stay down!  Don’t kick yourself in the pants for “failing.” Get back up and start over again … and again … and again if you must!

The only way to fail is to stop trying!

I hope this article encourages you today, and in the days to come.  Here’s to your very successful 2011, from “Bold New Day! LLC”

Be blessed!

Coach Becky J. Taylor

Bold New Day! LLC

Personal Development Coaching for Women

Follow Your Passion!  Pursue Your Purpose!

Become the Person You Know You Were Born to Be!

Coach Becky J. Taylor specializes in Personal Development Coaching for Women, based on Christian principles. She is available for personal coaching, group coaching, face to face or phone coaching sessions, speaking engagements, women’s events, and workshops.


Up From the Dark

October 13, 2010

Like most, I’ve been following the story of the Chilean miners who’ve been trapped underground for two months and are now in the process of being rescued.   Their survival is nothing short of a miracle, much less the fact they’re emerging looking healthy and strong!

Not only has the rescue operation caught the attention of the miner’s families; it’s caused the whole world to pause and take notice. Surely an event of such proportions bears a message intended for more than just those directly involved.

I believe the successful rescue of the miners is being sent as encouragement to us all.

Many have been experiencing a different kind of dark entrapment.  This has been going on for days, weeks, months, or even years.

Hold on.

The darkness will not last forever.

No matter how dire your circumstances seem.  You will not die.  You will survive.  You will emerge from the pit alive and strong!

The message that resonates in my spirit, begging to be shared, is this:

“Help is on the way.  It may not arrive today or tomorrow but it is coming! You will soon be free again.”

Just as a similar message sent to the trapped miners several weeks ago gave them hope this is being sent to instill hope in your spirit as well.  Take it in.  Be encouraged, inspired, and empowered.

You too, will soon be coming out of the dark!


Coach Becky J. Taylor

Bold New Day, LLC – Life Coaching for Women

Follow Your Passion!  Pursue Your Purpose!

Become the Person You Know You Were Born to Be!

Don’t Bite Your Friends!

September 9, 2010

While tending to my four year old grandson Jayden a couple weeks ago, I overheard a song on one of the shows he was watching. It was titled “Don’t Bite Your Friends”, and of course it was aimed toward discouraging unsuitable behavior among pre-schoolers.

I got a kick out of the simplicity of the song’s message.  The importance of not biting your friends should be a given, shouldn’t it?  Yet I remember when my own son was in pre-school and there was an issue with a biter in his group.  It was terrible.  If I recall correctly, the “biter” was eventually expelled for his bad habit.  I felt quite sorry for his mother, knowing how difficult it must be to break a toddler of what seems to be an instinctive behavior for him.

I’m certain my son’s classmate eventually outgrew his biting habit.  God forbid he’s still out there biting his friends today, since he’s probably sixteen or seventeen years old by now.

Even still,  there are some adults who engage in similar unacceptable habits.  They may not bite physically but they definitely do bite …. some of them on a regular basis.  They lash out at friends.  They say hurtful things behind their backs.  They spew insults that can leave permanent emotional scars on those they supposedly love.

Then, they wonder why no one wants to “play” with them anymore!

Perhaps watching  a few episodes of pre-school t.v.  would remind them that biting their friends isn’t such a great idea!

Does anyone you know have a biting habit?

Do you ever find yourself biting your friends?

Think about it.

Words hold the power of life … and death.  They can cut like a knife.  A negative word spoken against another (in their presence or behind their back)  can have life long detrimental effects.   Be careful what you say to the people you love.  Make a point to speak only words that will build them up, not tear them down.

In other words, don’t bite your friends!

Becky J. Taylor


Bold New Day! LLC

Personal Development Coaching for Women

Follow Your Passion!  Pursue Your Purpose!

Become the Person You Know You Were Born to Be!

The Gift of Pain

August 24, 2010

I saw a chiropractor yesterday for treatment of some bothersome pain I’ve been having in my neck, back, shoulder and arm. After evaluating me via a physical exam and x-ray, he proceeded to crack and pop my back and neck.  Sure enough, I had more painless mobility when he was finished.

But … after the treatment, I raised my right arm and felt the old familiar sharp pain rip through the area of my bicep again.


The doctor looked puzzled and had me sit back down.  After a very brief re-evaluation, he announced, “No wonder that hurt!  Your shoulder is dis-located!”   With one swift motion, he popped it back into place.

Again, instant relief!

Before I left the office, he showed me some exercises I need to do to keep my shoulder in its rightful position.

As it turned out, the dislocated shoulder has been the cause of a good deal of the chronic pain I’ve been suffering.  I don’t remember hurting it but it was out of place and required treatment none-the-less.

Pain, be it physical or emotional, always has a source.

It also has a purpose.  It is actually a “gift”

Pain “talks” to us.  It tells us when something is not right or in my case, out of place.

Pain tells the pregnant mother when it is time to give birth.

Pain lets us know it’s not good to put our bare hand on a hot stove.

Pain says “Something needs to change!”

Pain most definitely makes us appreciate those times when all is well and we are pain free!

Are you experiencing any pain right now?  If so, you should stop and pay attention to what it is trying to tell you.

What’s causing your pain?

What can you do to fix the problem?

Pain is inevitable but it’s not necessarily something you have to live with.

If your pain is physical, you should probably see a doctor ASAP.

If your pain is of an emotional nature, look closely at your surroundings.   Are you involved in a painful relationship?  Are you engaging in emotionally unhealthy mindsets or activities?

Make it a point to identify the source of your pain and take whatever measures necessary to alleviate it.

Pain is your friend … but not one for which you should provide permanent residence.

Allow yourself to learn the lesson the pain is trying to teach you, and move forward from it stronger and healthier for having experienced it.

Coach Becky J. Taylor

August 24,2010

Bold New Day! LLC

Personal Development Coaching for Women

Follow Your Passion!  Pursue Your Purpose!

Become the Person You Know You Were Born to Be!

Sailing Into Sunshine

July 28, 2010

While enjoying a Caribbean cruise a few years back, our family was particularly looking forward to spending a day on one of the islands owned by the cruise line, when the Captain made an announcement.

“This is your Captain speaking” the voice over the loud speaker boomed, “As you know, we are scheduled to anchor on the island tomorrow, but heavy storms are being forecasted for that area.  Do not be concerned.  If we can’t spend the day on the island, we will sail around until we find the sunshine.”

I appreciated the Captain’s optimism and have thought of that comment many times since that day.

“We will sail around until we find the sunshine.”

Sometimes it seems our lives are just one big storm after another.  We barely catch our breath after one squall  before the next wave hits.

It can be exhausting.

It’s also easy to forget that somewhere the sun is shining when in our little corner of the world there is nothing but dark clouds, high winds, and lightning strikes all around!

But … our Captain always knows exactly where we are on the radar screen.  He also knows where the sunshine can be found and you can bet, he is sailing us into the sunshine. Just hold on and trust him!

As much as I’d like to believe it’s God’s will that we never encounter storms in life, I know better.  Even storms serve a purpose in the scheme of things.  Our human minds can’t comprehend the vast expanse of the universe.  We’re usually so wrapped up in our efforts to preserve our own interests, we fail to notice what’s happening on a grander scale.

We certainly don’t like to think the “grander scale” is more important than our bout of bad weather. The painful reality is, our little bout of bad weather is part of that grander scale… and so it is important!

I’m hearing the collective “groan” of several of you right now.

“We want the sunshine, we don’t want the storm!”

Don’t abandon ship!

You must keep moving through the storm. You will find the sun waiting on the other side.

God bless!

Becky J. Taylor

July 28, 2010

Bold New Day! LLC

Personal Development Coaching for Women

The Race Is On

July 25, 2010

A couple months ago I mentioned that I was writing a book.  My goal was to have it ready to publish by my birthday, which is now less than three weeks away.  Barring a miracle, that isn’t going to happen.  That’s what “deadlines” are for though, right?  Like rules, they were made to be tested.

My book was off to a good start.  Words continued to pour from my thoughts, through my fingers and onto the computer screen with ease for several weeks.   Then, BOOM!   Suddenly nothing I wrote made sense.   The flow turned into a trickle and then to a complete halt much like gridlock on the interstate leading to Atlanta.  I can see my destination, but I am helpless to get there at this point.

The world, which is my life, has been in a tailspin that’s lasted nearly two years now.  I thought things were beginning to settle out, but they’re not.  If anything, it’s getting worse.  This is possibly because I am so tired of it all.  I feel like running away … quitting … giving up.

Like that is an option.

Which brings me back to the topic at hand … my book.

I’ve chosen “Finishing Strong, A Woman’s Guide to a Race Well Run” as the title.  My inspiration (for lack of a better word) has been the events of my life, and those of so many other women I know. I wanted to do something positive with all the negative circumstances that I and others have been experiencing.  There is a lesson to be gleaned from all this, I just know it!  The trick is to figure out exactly what that lesson is so we can all stop spinning our wheels and move forward again.

It’s occurred to me that virtually everything I’ve been writing in the book is being tested.  Every word of encouragement, every theory I’ve suggested concerning what the “race of life” is all about, all hope I’ve dared to offer has been and continues to be challenged.  I look back over the chapters now and ask myself if I even really believe my own statements.

Here I am, telling women that life is a race of faith.  A race we cannot lose as long as we do not give up.  And here I sit myself, wanting to rip the book to shreds because I am sick and tired of running.  Forget finishing strong!  I just  … want … to … be … FINISHED!

Maybe I just had to come to this point in order to believe what I am trying so hard to convey to everyone else.  Even in my current state of weariness, I still have that underlying, nagging sense of optimism that things surely have to get better from here on in.  But I also have to admit, my thoughts have been leaning more toward the notion that it no law says it has to get better at all.  What if this is truly as good as it gets?

I’m asking myself if I can live with that possibility and frankly, I don’t know right now.

I suppose it’s also possible that I am finally figuring out what faith is all about.  “Faith” isn’t really faith at all if one can see, touch, feel whatever it is they’re hoping for.

Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (NIV)

Perhaps I should be encouraged.  One thing is for certain, I cannot see anything I’ve been hoping for at this point in time.  Yet, I am still here.

Down for the moment?  Maybe … but I’m still here.

Licking my wounds on the sidelines? Probably … but I’m still here.

Too tired to run anymore? Oh yes! …  but I’m still here.

So, the book may be a little later in coming than I first believed, but I will finish it soon just as surely as I will eventually catch my breath, lace up my track shoes and continue my own pursuit of the prize that awaits at the end of my race.

I’ll see you at the finish line, my friend!  

July 25, 2010

Becky J. Taylor