Don’t Bite Your Friends!

September 9, 2010

While tending to my four year old grandson Jayden a couple weeks ago, I overheard a song on one of the shows he was watching. It was titled “Don’t Bite Your Friends”, and of course it was aimed toward discouraging unsuitable behavior among pre-schoolers.

I got a kick out of the simplicity of the song’s message.  The importance of not biting your friends should be a given, shouldn’t it?  Yet I remember when my own son was in pre-school and there was an issue with a biter in his group.  It was terrible.  If I recall correctly, the “biter” was eventually expelled for his bad habit.  I felt quite sorry for his mother, knowing how difficult it must be to break a toddler of what seems to be an instinctive behavior for him.

I’m certain my son’s classmate eventually outgrew his biting habit.  God forbid he’s still out there biting his friends today, since he’s probably sixteen or seventeen years old by now.

Even still,  there are some adults who engage in similar unacceptable habits.  They may not bite physically but they definitely do bite …. some of them on a regular basis.  They lash out at friends.  They say hurtful things behind their backs.  They spew insults that can leave permanent emotional scars on those they supposedly love.

Then, they wonder why no one wants to “play” with them anymore!

Perhaps watching  a few episodes of pre-school t.v.  would remind them that biting their friends isn’t such a great idea!

Does anyone you know have a biting habit?

Do you ever find yourself biting your friends?

Think about it.

Words hold the power of life … and death.  They can cut like a knife.  A negative word spoken against another (in their presence or behind their back)  can have life long detrimental effects.   Be careful what you say to the people you love.  Make a point to speak only words that will build them up, not tear them down.

In other words, don’t bite your friends!

Becky J. Taylor


Bold New Day! LLC

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