My cat Skippy is the epitome of the “curious cat.”  His antics, while amusing, are also cause for concern at times.  You see, Skippy especially loves to run out side every time he sees the door opened.  That might not sound like such a bad thing, but we live in an area where coyotes abound and everyone who knows anything about the wily creatures knows they consider felines a great delicacy.  Skippy is quite smart and quick on his feet, but he would be no match for a coyote!  Thus my decision to keep him inside where he is safe.

Before you start feeling sorry for Skippy being confined to the house, let me assure you he is afforded just about every luxury his little kitty-mind could imagine.  He has well over 3,000 sq. feet of living space to explore, lots of toys to play with, another cat and dog friend readily available for his amusement … and three humans at his beck and call whenever he feels the need for a cuddle or a good scratch behind his ears.

Nine out of ten cats agree; Skippy pretty much has it made as far as the “good life” goes.   Skippy, on the other hand (or paw, as the case may be) still can’t resist the lore of the outdoors and manages to escape quite often.

Luckily for him, we humans who share his abode normally use the garage door when we come and go.  That means, when the door opens and Skippy escapes, he can’t usually go any farther than the garage area.

So, several times a week Skippy bolts through the door that opens from the kitchen into the garage.  We sigh and simply shut the door behind him, knowing that eventually he’ll grow weary of exploring the area and yowl, as only a Siamese cat can, to be let back in.

Inevitably, upon seeing us open the door to allow his re-entry, he looks up as if to say, “Why in the world did you put me out there?”

Silly cat!  He seems to forget that it was his decision to go out the door to begin with.  If it were up to us, he would never go through any door leading to the dangers of the outside world.

We humans can be a lot like Skippy. Tempted by the unknown that lies outside our realm of safety, we bolt through opened doors, only to find ourselves lost and in danger. God provides for our every need and yet we can’t resist the lure of the unknown that lies beyond our given boundaries.    If we are wise, we will eventually realize the error of our ways and cry out to be let back inside, where we are safe.

Then, once we are rescued, we tend to look at the God and ask, “Why did YOU put me out there?”

All along, we know it was not God who put us there at all. We went on our own accord, then blamed Him when things didn’t work out as we imagined.

If only we would realize.  Not every door that opens is meant to be passed through.  Some doors lead us into blessings, protection, and God-given destiny, while others only offer access to danger, even death, or at the very least, unnecessary distraction and the wasting of our precious time.

Thankfully, God not only gives us freedom to choose what doors we pass through, but He also offers rescue and forgiveness for the asking, when we make the wrong choices.

Choose your doors wisely, and remember, God’s plan for you is good!


Becky J. Taylor

Bold New Day! LLC