Some studies show the success rate of “New Years resolutions” to be less than 10% .  If those studies are accurate, it means that at least 90% of our resolutions FAIL to bring the desired results.

Now, that’s a bit discouraging, isn’t it?   Especially now that 2008 is coming to an end and 2009 is approaching at warp speed!

If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve given at least some thought to the year ahead.  You’ve contemplated some things you want to achieve and made, if not a literal list of goals for yourself, at least a mental one.  It is after all, a brand new year!  The sky is the limit!  Anything is possible!

Who cares about dumb old statistics anyway?

Even so, I can’t help but be bothered just a little by the numbers.  Why do so few of our goals actually come to fruition?  Why is the success rate so low?

Personally, I believe it’s because we fail to do the prep work necessary to support our success.

For example, say you want to build a new house.  You can’t just walk out into the yard and start nailing boards together.  You must first have a plan, then dig a hole in the dirt, make sure the ground is solid, and remove debris that might interfere in the building process.

Only then can you mix the ingredients and pour the foundation on which your future house will stand.

Oh sure, if you happen to be a master carpenter, it is possible that you’ll come up with a decent looking frame for your house even without the proper preparations.  It may even show some promise for a while.

But it won’t last!

Some friends of mine back in Ohio started building their “dream home” several years back.  They picked out a nice lot in an upscale neighborhood, went to the bank and made arrangements for a loan, hired a contractor, had an architect draw up some fabulous plans … and so on and so forth.  They were naturally very excited about their new home!  At least twice a week I received updates on the progress from them, and listened as they enthusiastically described how beautiful the home was going to be.

But a few months into the process, something went terribly wrong.   Not long after the workmen started nailing up the siding, the house started to buckle!  The frame couldn’t withstand the weight of the extra wood.  An investigation into the problem revealed that the contractor had failed to pour a footer for the structure!  My friend’s dream house was sitting on nothing but mud!  There was nothing there to prevent it from sinking into the ground.   Needless to say, their hopes and dreams  quickly sank right along with it.

It took at least two years  for my friends to get out of the mess, legally and otherwise.  They went on to build another house in a different location, this time making sure that proper procedures were followed.  Eventually, they were able to move into their dream house, but  what a shame they had to go through such heartache to get there!

Before you start building your dreams for 2009, ask yourself if you have the proper foundation in place to support them.  It might seem like this extra step is only causing a delay in your plans, but the added work will prove invaluable in the end.

Stay tuned!   In the days to come we will be exploring the process of successfully setting and reaching your goals for months ahead.   2009 promises to be a fascinating year and one which I sincerely look forward to experiencing with you!


2 Responses to “2009! Brand New Year … Bold New YOU!”

  1. Amber Says:

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  2. boldnewday Says:

    Thank you Amber!

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