The Gift of Pain

August 24, 2010

I saw a chiropractor yesterday for treatment of some bothersome pain I’ve been having in my neck, back, shoulder and arm. After evaluating me via a physical exam and x-ray, he proceeded to crack and pop my back and neck.  Sure enough, I had more painless mobility when he was finished.

But … after the treatment, I raised my right arm and felt the old familiar sharp pain rip through the area of my bicep again.


The doctor looked puzzled and had me sit back down.  After a very brief re-evaluation, he announced, “No wonder that hurt!  Your shoulder is dis-located!”   With one swift motion, he popped it back into place.

Again, instant relief!

Before I left the office, he showed me some exercises I need to do to keep my shoulder in its rightful position.

As it turned out, the dislocated shoulder has been the cause of a good deal of the chronic pain I’ve been suffering.  I don’t remember hurting it but it was out of place and required treatment none-the-less.

Pain, be it physical or emotional, always has a source.

It also has a purpose.  It is actually a “gift”

Pain “talks” to us.  It tells us when something is not right or in my case, out of place.

Pain tells the pregnant mother when it is time to give birth.

Pain lets us know it’s not good to put our bare hand on a hot stove.

Pain says “Something needs to change!”

Pain most definitely makes us appreciate those times when all is well and we are pain free!

Are you experiencing any pain right now?  If so, you should stop and pay attention to what it is trying to tell you.

What’s causing your pain?

What can you do to fix the problem?

Pain is inevitable but it’s not necessarily something you have to live with.

If your pain is physical, you should probably see a doctor ASAP.

If your pain is of an emotional nature, look closely at your surroundings.   Are you involved in a painful relationship?  Are you engaging in emotionally unhealthy mindsets or activities?

Make it a point to identify the source of your pain and take whatever measures necessary to alleviate it.

Pain is your friend … but not one for which you should provide permanent residence.

Allow yourself to learn the lesson the pain is trying to teach you, and move forward from it stronger and healthier for having experienced it.

Coach Becky J. Taylor

August 24,2010

Bold New Day! LLC

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3 Responses to “The Gift of Pain”

  1. Becky Poisson Says:

    Had to say this was GREAT and a direct “word for me now”!! Be blessed!

  2. tripplex5663 Says:

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