Fairchild Blue

July 6, 2010

At our annual family reunion this past weekend, my son Adam commented ” At least 80% of the people here have blue eyes.”

I responded, “Of course they do!  They’re all Fairchild-ren!”

Adam’s comment took me by surprise.  I’ve always told him his eyes were “Fairchild blue” and I thought he understood.  At least he seemed to be listening.

Apparently hearing is not an equal substitute for experiencing something for oneself.

Before this weekend, Adam hadn’t been to a Fairchild reunion for several years.  We moved away from Ohio when he was nine years old and even before that, I hadn’t taken him to many Fairchild get-togethers.

My bad!  Obviously I’ve done my son an injustice by not involving him more in his extended family.

Yes, I’ve told him he is a descendant of the Fairchilds.

I’ve mentioned many times that his tall, lean stature is a Fairchild trait.

Most of all, I’ve often referred to his eye color as being “Fairchild blue.”

But until Adam experienced it for himself, I don’t think he had a full sense of appreciation and belonging as a “Fairchild.”

Now he’s seen it for himself.  His eyes are Fairchild blue.  He is tall and lean like many of my male cousins he saw at the reunion.

Suddenly he feels a deeper family connection than he once believed to be true.  He’s experienced that side of the family’s roots for himself.

He knows more about where he came from, and who he really is than ever before!

Do you know who you are?

(It’s easier to take it for granted than one might think. )

You are a child of God.

You were created in his image.  This means that when God looks at you, he sees himself.

He sees his eyes.

He sees his hands.

When you talk, he hears his voice!


Perhaps you don’t believe me.  Maybe you don’t feel much like a child of God.

It’s possible you don’t even act like one of his distant relatives.

If not, it’s probably only because you need reminding of who you truly are.

Reconnect with your roots today.  Take some time to talk to your Father and refresh your relationship with him.

By getting to know him, you’ll gain a better appreciation of who you are than you’ve ever had before.

God bless!

Becky Taylor

July 6,2010





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