About My Book …

April 10, 2010

I’ve decided to take the plunge and write my first book.  I’m trying not to over complicate it.  I write a lot anyway, so how difficult can it be?


The hardest part so far has been coming up with something to write about, but not because I don’t have any ideas.  The opposite is true!  I have too much information floating around in my head. It’s been hard to untangle it into one book that speaks to a specific reader. What I ended up deciding on is hopefully a unique concept.  At least it isn’t like  anything I’ve ever read before.

I’ve read several books by “famous” people and wondered if they ever would have sold the first copy were the authors not already well-known.   Many of the books aren’t all that special, in my opinion.  I think it’s a little sad that people will pay for almost anything as long as it has a familiar name associated with it.

Seriously!  Are there any celebrities who aren’t also authors these days?  I also have to wonder if any of them actually wrote their books on their own.  C’mon, how would they have the time to organize their thoughts onto paper?  They must have “people”, a luxury I can’t afford at this point in time.

So, the process has begun.  As usual, I am in a hurry to be done.  I don’t want my impatience to hinder the quality of my story, so I am attempting to s-l-o-w down and allow it to happen in its own time.  Right now my goal is to have something ready to publish by my 50th birthday on August 13th.  What better way to celebrate the big 5-0?  (Well that, and a big party on the beach in Mexico!)

As usual, I don’t ask for much!  *snicker*

At this point I’ve written around 10,000 words which I have organized into a fairly disorganized layout.   That layout changes almost daily.  I figure that’s why it’s called a “rough draft”.  From what I’ve read, it takes at least 26,000 words to compose a book of a decent length so I am not quite half way there.  I keep praying to be inspired with more subject matter,  as well as ways to elaborate on the material I’ve already gathered.  Whenever anything new comes to mind, I write it down immediately, lest the thought escapes me.  (I am almost 50, after all!)

I’m looking at several self-publishing companies.  There will be time to narrow the choices down later.  I’d rather wait and do that part after the book is finished and ready to send.

Here we go!  I am recording this information here in my blog as a means of accountability.  If no one knows I’m writing a book, then no one will “miss” it if I stop writing!

Be watching for my exciting new book to come out late summer 2010.  If you’d like, I’ll even autograph a copy for you!.

Becky Taylor

April 10, 2010

Bold New Day! LLC

Personal Development Coaching for Women




2 Responses to “About My Book …”

  1. Brenda Says:

    Go for it. You can do it! Blessings

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