Gut Feelings and Bad Medicine

March 31, 2010

(I wrote this post in January but never published it.  I felt like I needed to dig it out of the archives today, so here it is)

A few weeks ago I started having some unusual physical problems.  For one thing, I couldn’t sleep, and it wasn’t your general run of the mill insomnia.   I had a vague, strange pain in my head and felt like I might crawl out of my skin at any moment .  While not severe, the headache was disturbing and unlike anything I’d ever experienced before.  The crawling out of my skin sensation was plenty annoying in itself.

After a few days of dealing with the symptoms and wondering if I might be losing my mind,I opened one of the bottles from the cabinet to take my prescription medication.  Holding the little round pill in my hand, it dawned on me that it didn’t feel right.  The medication I take has smooth edges, but the edges of this pill were slightly textured.

I took the bottle back out of the cabinet and looked at it again.  My husband’s name was on the bottle, not mine.  I’d been taking his blood pressure medicine instead of my own prescription!

A quick computer search for information about the drug revealed that the symptoms I’d been experiencing matched those listed as possible side effects of my husband’s medication.

I felt silly, not to mention a little scared!  The pill bottles looked the same and the pills themselves were very similar in appearance at a casual glance.

To make matters worse, not only was I ingesting the wrong drug,but I was skipping the one I was suppose to be taking.  My body was protesting, as it should have been.

It could have been really bad … and all because I wasn’t paying close enough attention.

Aside from the obvious “Don’t take medicine that doesn’t belong to you” message, the point of this story is:  Just because something looks right, doesn’t mean it is right!

For every genuine item, or situation out there, there is sure to be a counterfeit.  That is why it’s important to pay close attention to your “gut feeling”  at all times.  Think back to a time when you started to do something, only to feel hesitation.  Something didn’t seem right on some level … but you did it anyway.   Then later, you realized you made a big mistake?  You may have even kicked yourself upon remembering you’d been “forewarned”.

That gut feeling, or intuition is a gift from God to His children.   Most often, if something doesn’t sit well in your spirit, chances are something is very wrong and the situation needs further investigation (if not steered completely clear of!)  The more you respond to that intuition, the stronger it will become.  What starts out as an inaudible whisper, or slight twinge in the pit of your stomach, will become loud as a banging gong if you only heed it.

In the same respect, if you constantly over ride your natural intuition, it will become less noticeable over time until you may no longer sense it at all. Ignoring it will become become a habit.  You will do it without thinking.  That is dangerous because you might stumble into something that from all outward appearances seems good and right, only to get inside and realize it is a trap set by the enemy of your soul.

The good news is this:  you can regain what seems to have been lost.  It is still speaking, but you haven’t been listening!

It takes time and focus. Slow down and listen. Before you make decisions, allow yourself  to first be  acutely aware of your “gut” is telling you.   Trust your instinct … it’s usually right.    Treat your natural intuition as the gift it is, and it will serve you well.

God Bless!
Becky J. Taylor

March 31, 2010

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