Syncing, Do Not Disconnect!

March 10, 2010

I have patience for most things.

Then, there are things I am not so patient about.

Take syncing my iPod for example. Of all things,  I have a very difficult time resisting the urge to unplug my iPod from the computer before the little icon that warns me not to disconnect stops flashing.  In those few moments time, it is all I can do to refrain from yanking out the cord and risk losing whatever it is I am hoping to transfer.

I don’t know why I struggle with waiting for something so insignificant, especially when I know good and well that waiting those few minutes could save me a considerable amount of time later if I were to have to start over again.

People, in general tend to be impatient.  This may have been the case in generations past, but I believe it is becoming more so in modern times.  We don’t want to wait on anything, not even for the two cars ahead of us in the drive thru lane to get out of the way so we can get our hands on the fast food we ordered, which took all of forty-five seconds to throw into a sack and become “dinner”.

A few weeks back, I was staring impatiently at my iPod screen with its blaring red “don’t go there” symbol and the “syncing, do not disconnect”  warning when I was reminded that everything that happens to us is specifically designed by God to get us in sync with His plan for our lives.  If we quit before the process is complete, we do ourselves a great injustice.

We don’t learn.

We  don’t grow.

We lose out on something more wonderful than we could ever imagine!

Our time on earth involves a process meant to prepare us for eternity.   We can’t afford to rush that process.  It isn’t always comfortable and things certainly don’t always move as quickly as we’d like.  Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and things turn out a whole lot differently than we expected or wanted.  We can spend so much time wishing situations and circumstances will pass or be different in some way, that we forget to live in the moment. We recoil in pain or disgust and disconnect.

Subsequently, we end up failing to learn everything we’re meant to learn from our situation.

Can a person survive without being in sync with God’s plan?  Of course.  We each have the choice to exercise free will but as human beings we don’t possess the ability to fully appreciate the BIG picture.  We can’t see the end and comprehend our lives as God does, therefore we can’t possibly know what’s truly best for us in the long run.

Tired of waiting?   Hang in there!  Everything is going to be alright.

God is working all things together for your good. He’s syncing you with His perfect will!  Do Not Disconnect!

March 9,2010

Becky J. Taylor

Bold New Day! LLC Personal Development Coaching for Women

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One Response to “Syncing, Do Not Disconnect!”

  1. Stefani Says:

    Wow I needed to hear that! Thank u.!

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