Smile! :)

January 15, 2010

Remember the old song  that told us, “Smile and the world smiles with you …” ?

It’s true!

People tend to mirror your expressions.  Test the theory for yourself sometime when you’re out and about.  Make eye contact with a few people and smile.  Most of the time, they will smile back at you.

The same is true for frowns and scowls.   If it seems that most of the people you run into have a sour look on their face, check your own expression.  Perhaps you are frowning or looking less than cheerful yourself.  If that’s the case, try changing it and see if it doesn’t make a difference.

O.K.  Here’s another one … Did you know that smiles and frowns alike, can be “heard” over the telephone?

In a Medical Assisting class I took many years ago, we were taught to smile whenever we talked to patients on the phone.    To prove the teacher’s point, she had the students call each other from separate rooms, then write down whether or not they thought the person on the other end of the line was smiling when they answered.

The results showed that nearly 100% of the time, it was easy to tell the difference.

Smiling does more than make your face look better, it automatically makes you feel better too.  Not only does it lift your spirits, it lifts the spirits of those you meet.

Once, I had major surgery and woke up from the anesthetic feeling terrified.  I called out frantically for help and a nurse quickly appeared by my bedside.  It’s been nearly thirty years and I still remember her face, or more specifically her expression!  She had a smile that instantly put me at ease.  Without saying a word, she made me feel safe again.

Because of that one person’s smile, I made it a point later in my career to smile at all of my own patients, especially if they were frightened or in pain, (or even just in a very bad mood).

A smile has the power to heal.  If you feel good emotionally, you will also feel better physically.

A smile improves relationships.  It’s a lot more difficult to stay angry at someone who’s smiling, than it is to be mad at someone who’s frowning back at you.  Anyone who’s ever raised a child can testify to this fact.  It’s very difficult to discipline a little one who’s looking back at you with a big smile!

A smile is magnetic.  People are drawn to you when you smile.

A smile can make a world of difference in someone’s life, or at least in their day!

So, my message today is a simple one.   Get out there and SMILE!   (Here’s a little something to get you started)

Becky Taylor

January 15, 2010

Bold New Day! Life/Success Coaching for Women


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