Sweet Success!

November 18, 2009

What does “success” mean to you?

Sadly, I find many people are determined to compare themselves to others in their definition of the term.  To some, “success” involves a seven-figure yearly income, nice cars and a big house.  Many tend to feel like they’ve failed themselves and society if they are unable to keep up with the proverbial “Jones ‘”.

(Not that I find anything wrong with having a seven-figure income, nice cars and big houses.)

My question would be, what good is a seven-figure income and all those other great things, if you don’t feel satisfied that you are doing what you were meant to do with your life?

You were put on this earth with a purpose to fulfill.  Maybe your purpose is to make a lot  of money so you can share your blessings with others, or maybe it is to live simply, foregoing all those things society has labeled as indicators of “success”,  and go instead to the mission field to dig wells for thirsty people.

The truth is, there are as many ways to be successful as there are people on this earth. No one else can judge your level of success. Only you and God can determine that.

So I’ll ask again, What does success mean to you?  Are you striving toward what you feel is truly important, or are you struggling to fulfill someone else’s expectations for your life?  Chances are, if you’re feeling empty despite your best efforts to succeed, you’re reaching for the wrong goals.  If you don’t feel a spark of passion when you think about your work, you’re probably not in the field to which you’ve been called.

As this year is quickly drawing to a close, think about your personal definition of success (not one that’s been fed to you by society.)   Are you on the right track?  Do you feel good about what you’re doing with your life?

If you feel called to be a mother and a housewife,  be the best mother and housewife you can be!  You will be a success!

If you know you were placed on this earth to be a great scientist and find cures for deadly diseases, then pursue that field with all your might!  You will be a success!

No matter what you know you are meant to do, do it with passion and enthusiasm.   Do it without regard to what others may think.  Do it without comparing yourself to any one else.

Simply pursue the passion God has placed in your heart, and you cannot … will not, fail.

To your success!

Becky J. Taylor

Certified Personal Life Coach

Bold New Day! LLC



One Response to “Sweet Success!”

  1. Wanda Almazan Says:

    Thanks for your comments, Becky. You make me think…

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