July 22, 2009

The first time I ever flew on an airplane remains the worst flying experience I’ve had to date.  (And hopefully for the rest of my life)

I should also mention that I chose  my first flight to be a trans-Atlantic trip to Germany, so it also seemed never ending.  I was already rather “white knuckled” about flying, but to make matters worse we began to experience what the pilot referred to as severe turbulence shortly into the flight.

“Severe” as in, “Would the flight crew please secure the cabin and be seated, thank you!”

The plane continued to rock and reel through the not so friendly skies for  the largest portion of our flight time.

To say I was terrified would be an understatement!  By the time we touched down in Frankfurt I swore I’d never get on another airplane.  It was a daring statement to make.  My companions (all seasoned travelers) laughed and asked how I intended to get back to the states.

I told them I was taking a bus.

Of course, once my stay in Germany had come to an end I’d built up enough courage to get back on the plane. At that point, I was missing my kids badly enough to risk death in order to be with them.  I did, however, promise myself I’d never fly again once I was safely home.

Well now, anyone who knows me at all knows that was a promise to myself I failed to keep.  Since that time, I’ve come to love flying and look forward to every trip I take.

One thing I learned during that severely turbulent flight was that it can get pretty bad up there!  Since I know just how bad it can get, I also know not to get too excited over the more familiar “normal” turbulence.   Now, when the plane starts to bump a little I remind myself  there’s nothing to fear.  I’ve been through a lot worse and came out alive and in one piece.

Turbulence hits each of our lives at some time or another.   Not  necessarily the airplane kind of turbulence, but periods of time when our circumstances are so bumpy, we wonder how we’ll ever survive.

My point is this, turbulent times provide excellent learning opportunities.  The good thing about life’s turbulent times is that it’s during them, we learn what we’re really made of.  We learn we can and will make it through.  (Even though we may get to the point where we don’t really even want to.)

Are you experiencing a particularly rough spot in your life?   Do you just wish things would stop rocking to and fro?  Do you wonder if you’ll live to tell about the experience?

The answer is yes.  Not only will you survive, you will emerge on the other side better than you were going in!

As much as we may hate them, the turbulent times provide excellent opportunities for growth.  After going through a severe period of turbulence, you figure out that you can handle just about anything life throws your way.

Dig in and hold on!  This season will  not last forever!

You will make it, and be better for having done so, in the end.

God Bless!

Becky Taylor, 7/22/09


2 Responses to “Turbulence”

  1. Wanda Almazan Says:

    Thanks, Becky. I know this to be true. It was a good reminder.

  2. Vicki Kennedy Says:

    Nice word! Thanks Becky.

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