Just A Vapor

June 29, 2009

Life is short. 

The shockingly unexpected death of fifty year old Michael Jackson this past week has drawn our attention to that fact.

Looking back on my own  almost forty-nine years of life, I realize just how quickly five decades can fly by.  It seems like only yesterday I was a carefree little girl playing in the back yard of my parent’s house. Now, I am baffled by the fact that in a little over a year, I will cross the half century mark. 

That just can’t be right.  I feel so young!  Where did all that time go?

More importantly, what have I done with it?

The Bible says life is but a vapor.   We appear here on earth for a short time and then we are gone.  No one knows when we will be leaving, but rest assured we will all be leaving at some time or another.     Some of us never make it out of the womb alive, while some of us will live to celebrate our one-hundreth birthday!  

And some of us could leave today, without warning.

Life is but a vapor.   A mere “blip” on eternity’s radar screen.  If you blink, you might miss it!

Yet, that vapor is so important.    

The truth is, we all live forever!   Death as we know it, is not an ending.  For the person who has “died”, it is only the beginning.  It marks the passage of the spirit from the bondage of it’s imperfect vessel of flesh to an eternal reward.  What we do while we’re on earth leaves an everlasting impact, both on our eternal souls and the people we leave behind.

Take nothing for granted.  Every decision you make, every step you take is important, not only to you but to future generations.  People you don’t even know (and never will) could be influenced by your actions (or lack thereof) … forever.

Think about it.   What kind of impact do you wish to leave on this world?  What do you want to be said of you when you are gone? 

What do you want your Heavenly Father to say of you when you meet him face to face?

Life is but a vapor.   We are here for just a while.  Make the time you’ve been given matter!  Find your purpose and pursue it with a passion.   The clock is ticking.

Our life here … is but a vapor.

Becky Taylor



One Response to “Just A Vapor”

  1. Joanna Ramirez Says:

    well said!

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