Growing Pains

June 7, 2009

A couple years back when I was still homeschooling my son I came across an interesting science lesson pertaining to the natural biological mechanism by which baby chicks are hatched. Basically, it goes like this. The embryonic chick grows happily protected inside it’s shell until it reaches a size at which it is no longer comfortable.

It’s that simple!

When it is time for the baby chick to be hatched, the cramped conditions of the shell literally cause it’s little neck muscles to begin to spasm. The poor little chick will begin to move it’s head back and forth in attempt to relieve the spasm. Because of the back and forth motion of it’s head, the beak’s reflex is to begin chipping away at the interior lining of the shell, eventually breaking through to the outside. From there, the chipping continues until the shell falls away completely and the chick emerges into the next stage of it’s life as a free and happily unconstrained little bird!

How cool is that?

That simple science lesson made me think about the similarities between human beings in our seemingly safe, protected little worlds, and little chicks inside their shells. Just like those little chicks, we humans get uncomfortable inside our space sometimes. That is usually nature’s way of telling us it’s time to move on to the next level, try something new, stretch a little and see what lies ahead.

One big difference between us and little chicks, however, is that some humans have a tendency to resist change to the point they’d actually rather endure a constant state of pain, than take the chance on seeing what other alternatives exist. They will ignore what the pain is trying to tell them and actually die in their “shell” having never known there was so much more awaiting them on the outside.

To witness another human being suffer needlessly in such a manner is a heartbreaking experience, yet even in recent weeks I’ve seen it happen time and again.

As one who does not believe in accidents and coincidences, I must also believe that physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual “pain” serves a purpose in our lives. It is a message to us from our awesome Creator. It tells us that something needs to change!

Are you in pain today? Have you been resisting making some changes which you know deep in your heart are necessary in order for you to grow and succeed?

As is the case with the little chick in it’s shell, God doesn’t allow us to be in painful situations without also providing us with the necessary tools for escape. Our problem is that we can over think our situation to the point that we are paralyzed, when all we really need to do is ask and be open minded to the answers that come to us.

God knew you before He formed you in your mother’s womb! Before your life began, he already had a plan and purpose in place for you. Long before you found yourself in whatever uncomfortable situation you might be caught in today, He’d already designed a way for you to get out.

Take the time to listen to that still small voice, hear what it is telling you to do, and obey … then walk free into the future God has intended for you from the beginning of time!

Many blessings!
Becky J. Taylor


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