The High Road

May 26, 2009

At some time or another most of us have been instructed by those wiser and more experienced to “take the high road” in our approach to life.

Personally, I’ve done my best to follow that advice.  Sure, there have been times when I’ve driven off course for a mile or two, but it doesn’t usually take long for me to realize the lower path is not where I belong or want to be.  I’ve found it much too crowded to suit my tastes.  I’ve also discovered that it’s significantly more difficult to maintain proper perspective from that vantage point.

Imagine driving a car through torrential rains behind one of those big eighteen wheelers.  The big rig throws so much water back onto your windshield that you can become disoriented and drive right over the embankment if you aren’t careful.

It’s a lot like that on the low road.

It’s better to stay on the high road where there is less distraction.

The problem with the high road is that it can get pretty lonely up there.  It isn’t usually the most popular route, as many people don’t seem to find it exciting enough. Since there is less traffic, there are also fewer accidents.  Some of us apparently need to witness an occasional crash and burn to keep us entertained (even if it means we have to personally run someone over the cliff in order to satisfy our evil appetite.)

Even still, there are times when circumstances can cause us to consider changing courses, or as they say “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Ever been there?

I have.

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly where I am now.  I’ve been traveling this road as best I know how and frankly it’s getting a bit tiring.  I am beginning to wonder if it really leads to the destination I’ve been promised.   It’s time to pull over and regroup, maybe take another look at the map for reassurance.  On the high road, it is the destination that matters after all, and my map tells me that the low road will not take me where I want to end up.

As frustrating as that is, I know it’s true.  I can’t afford to take any detours.

Which road are you traveling?  Have you inadvertently wound up on the less desirable course?

One of the best things about the high road is there are plenty of on ramps.  You can always choose to redirect your path and leave the chaos and destruction of the low road behind.

Thank God, He has given us all that option … as well as the free will to choose which path we will take

Answer these questions.  What is your desired destination?  (Hopefully you’ve chosen one that will serve you and others well)

Which road will most likely take you there?

It’s really a no-brainer.  The high road is better.

Think about it, and make the right choice today.

God Bless!

Becky J. Taylor – May 26, 2009


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