Even Though You Cannot See the Sun …

May 11, 2009

I distinctly remember being disappointed the morning I arrived in Jamaica.   It was a day I’d been anticipating for a very long time.  I was so looking forward to spending my time on the beach and in the water enjoying the sunshine.

My soul craves the sun, sand, and water.  It’s been that way for as long as I can remember.  Nothing rejuvenates me like soaking up the brilliant heat and light as the waves pound against the shoreline.

But on that particular day the sun was nowhere to be found.  Instead, I was greeted by heavy dark clouds that threatened rain at any moment.

Determined none-the-less to make the most of our vacation, my husband and I made our way to the beach and picked out a spot (not a difficult task, given the weather conditions)   We sat there together in our chairs on the sand looking remarkably like the tourists we were.  Even though we felt an occasional sprinkle, we stayed anyway.   It would take more than a dark sky to keep me from at least listening to the ocean’s melodic song, even though I didn’t get to enjoy the sunshine as I would have preferred.

Eventually, we left the beach and boarded a yacht for an afternoon ride.  The water was choppy and we laughed hysterically as the vessel “dolphin jumped” it’s way along it’s course.  I noticed a para-sailer or two while we were out and decided I wanted to try it for myself, so Walt talked to the Yacht’s captain.  Within minutes, he’d arranged an appointment for me.

Somewhere far from the safety of the shore, I clumsily climbed from the yacht down onto what we are pretty certain was a “bootleg”  boat and allowed myself to be strapped into a harness attached to a parachute.   As soon as the yacht disappeared from sight, the boat took off.  Soon, I was happily soaring hundreds of feet above the coastline.

The sights were literally breath taking.   I could see the coral reef hidden beneath the ocean’s surface below me as well as beautiful white beaches in the distance to my right.  Besides the sound of the wind and my own laughter, it was almost eerily silent up there.  I sang out loud to myself as I took in the view.

All too soon, I felt myself being reeled back in, my feet planted securily back in reality on the boat.

We thanked the two man crew as they dropped us off at the dock, then made our way to our room to prepare for dinner.

Despite the lack of sunshine, it had turned out to be what I still remember as one of the best days of my life.

While undressing for my shower, I was shocked to discover I’d somehow managed to get a bit of a sunburn during our Jamaican adventure.  “How could that happen?”  I wondered out loud.  The sun hadn’t shown itself for more than a few fleeting seconds all day long!

It’s been several years since that wonderful day, yet just this evening as I was soaking my sore shoulder in the bathtub and staring up through the window at an angry dark sky, I was reminded of it again.   I couldn’t help but think of how even though I could not see the sun, it had been there all along.   Still affecting me.  Still gracing my skin with it’s light.  Still supplying healthy doses of Vitamin D and happiness …

And I thought of how the same is true for all of us during the dark times in our lives.

Even though we cannot see the light, that doesn’ t mean it has abandoned us.  It’s right there where it’s always been.  It’s just that our vision is temporarily blocked by our circumstances.  We are not nearly as far removed from it as we might think.

Even on our darkest days, we are learning, growing, evolving into who and what we were intended to be.  We are being affected by the light, even though it may be only by faith that we are aware of that fact.

Today I want to assure you that eventually the clouds will part and the sun will break through for you again.  You will see it, feel it, revel in it’s glory … and you will happily realize that it was there all along.

Yes! A brighter day will come!

It’s simply a matter of  time and perspective.

God Bless!

Becky Taylor



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