A Case for Grace

April 18, 2009

Over the last few months, my blog topics have included things like faith, trust, miracles (and the lack thereof).

Most recently, I’ve been thinking about God’s grace.

I wasn’t taught a lot about grace as I was growing up.  The denomination our family belonged to leaned more toward the hell-fire and brimstone aspect of the Almighty’s personality.  Fear and trembling was an fundamental part of our church services, an approach to salvation that I would neither condone or recommend, much less teach to my own children!

Thankfully (and ironically enough, by God’s grace) I developed a more intimate personal relationship with Him as an adult and learned that despite all I’d been led to believe, God truly does love me.   Not only that, but He also has a plan for me and it is good! (Jer. 29:11-13)  No longer in my mind, is He an angry judge sitting on His throne just waiting for me to mess up so He can smite me!

Imagine my relief!

I think we all walk in God’s grace more than we will ever realize this side of Heaven.  His grace surrounds us every day of our lives and we don’t even notice. His grace is sufficient for all our needs.  That applies even to the needs that only He knows we have.

God showers us with grace at times when we unintentionally sin.  His grace abounds over our mistakes.  Thank goodness for that!

God’s grace is also evident in our lives when we are confused,  hurt, brokenhearted and angry. It’s at those moments when we want pound our fists against His chest in rage and ask him “why?”, that grace really steps in.  In grace and inexplicable love, our Heavenly Father simply let’s us express our feelings to Him, then wraps His arms around us and holds us as we cry.

That’s the grace I’ve come to appreciate the most.

We are human beings.  God created us that way.  No one understands our hearts better than He.

And no one loves us more!

God sees our future as well as our past and present.   He knows how badly we hurt as well as the source of our anger and tears.  He also knows the hurt will heal, the anger will subside, and we will smile again.

That is why at times when we probably deserve it the least …  He gives us grace!

Enjoy this great YouTube video of Israel Houghton singing about the grace that carries us  “through every season”  The title of the song is “If Not For Your Grace”


One Response to “A Case for Grace”

  1. Lori Says:

    Becky, what a wonderful article. Thank you for reminding us all that if it weren’t for His grace, we would all be lost. He’s the rescue for sinners, the ransom from heaven… Jesus Messiah!

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