Just One More Step

April 13, 2009

My dog Jordan is getting up in years and has the extra weight and arthritic hips to prove it.  That doesn’t stop him from following me just about everywhere I go, including down the long flight of stairs leading to the terrace level of our home where my office is located.

The problem with this is, although Jordan is obviously able to walk down the stairs with a tolerable degree of discomfort, he seems to have a great deal of difficulty making his way back up them.

To make matters worse, most often he will climb all the way up to the next to the last step, stand there and whimper for a few seconds, then turn around and go all the way back down to the lower level of the house. No amount of coaxing or bribing can get him to cross that last hurdle.  He will repeat this process two or three times until at last, he works up the courage to pull himself up the final stair and back onto the main level of our home.

I don’t know what it is about that last step that makes it so difficult for him.  It could be that by the time he reaches that point he is in too much pain to continue … or perhaps he is simply too tired to go on.  Either way, I can never understand why he doesn’t just sit down and wait until the pain subsides, or feels rested enough to finish his climb, instead of going all the way back to where he started down on the terrace level of the house.

Do you sometimes feel like you can identify with Jordan?   Do you ever catch yourself stopping just short of your mark?  Worse yet, when you face an obstacle that seems too big for you to overcome, do you retreat?

Just as the last step leading to the main floor of our home is exactly the same as every step preceding it, a lot of the crisis’ we face in life are really no different than any other situations we’ve encountered along the way.  Sometimes it’s not the size of the crisis, but rather a matter of having already crossed several hurdles in succession that causes us a problem.

It’s true, life can become as painfully exhausting from many small blockages in a row, as it can from one big obstacle!

When we find ourselves staring at a seemingly insurmountable  step on the journey to our goal, we have a choice.  We can sit down and rest while we think it out, or we can go all the way back to where we started and begin again.  The latter is really not a choice at all, as it only forces us to repeat the experience and proves more exhausting than it would have originally been.

The biggest difference between Jordan’s dilemma with the literal steps and our attempts to fulfill our aspirations in life is that we don’t always have a way of knowing exactly which step we are on.  That makes it even more important that we keep moving upward.

Has your journey thus far left you feeling exhausted and in pain?   If so, it’s only natural to want to sit down and rest for a moment or two. It’s ok to do that, really! But once you’ve got your second wind, be sure to get up and get going back in the right direction. Don’t give in to temptation to go backward just because you think it would require less effort.  Set your sights on the goal and forge ahead.  Success could be waiting just one more step away!


One Response to “Just One More Step”

  1. Lyn Says:

    Great post Becky

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