Don’t Worry! Be Happy!

February 13, 2009

My five year old grand-daughter, Esther had a doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon.  She listened intently as the Pediatrician explained to her Mother that he would get a “diagnosis” and decide whether or not Esther needed medication for her ailment.   At the word “diagnosis”, Esther’s cheeks grew red and her face took on a somber expression.

She looked at my daughter, Emily and said, “But Mama! … Diagnosis is what they give the kids at the St. Jude Hospital for children!”

Because Esther’s experience with the word was limited to what she’d learned from a few brief moments of contact with t.v. commercials, she believed that “diagnosis” meant something terrible must be happening to her.

Thankfully, Emily was able to reassure Esther and help her to understand that a “diagnosis” in her situation was not going to result in a long hospital stay or the potential loss of her beautiful blond hair.  Now that Esther has been educated, she’s no longer worried about the consequences of being “diagnosed”.

I must say that Mamaw Becky feels better now too!  I can’t stand the thought of my precious grand-daughter being frightened so badly by such an imaginary threat.  I am so glad she spoke up and voiced her concerns to her mother!  Otherwise, she could have literally worried herself sick over her impending “diagnosis”.

Research shows that the vast majority of  things we worry about never take place.  This is probably due largely due to the fact that we we base our reactions on incomplete, or unrealistic information.   Most often, if we take the time to investigate we will realize that our concerns are a bit on the irrational side.   When all is said and done, it becomes obvious that all our worry has been in vain.

What a waste of time and brain cells!

The next time something happens that causes your “worry alert” bells to go off in your head, resist the temptation to give in to feelings of fear or dread.  Instead, focus your emotional energy on finding the facts about the situation at hand.  Chances are you’ll find your concerns are either unfounded, or at least that the circumstances are not quite as bad as they first appeared.

As the old song says, “Don’t Worry! Be Happy!”   Try it!  I know you’ll find it a much more appealing alternative.


4 Responses to “Don’t Worry! Be Happy!”

  1. Dave Meyer Says:

    Great job Becky. Someplace I read the actual stats about what we worry about and what really happens. And you are correct that the number of things we worry about verus the results are miniscule. Makes you wonder why anybody ever worries at all!

    But there is also a great point here about how words have connotations to us that go well beyond the meaning of the word. The easiest way to visualize that is with a persons name. Certain names just bring a smile to my face because they relate back to a specific person. And whether or not the discussion relates to the person I’m thinking of is not important. The name itself conjures up good memories for me. Other names cause me consternation for the same reason.

    Keep up the good work…..

  2. Amanda Says:

    You are one of the best writer I have ever come across in my whole life!! I always love it when you’ve wrote something. It always speaks to me and makes my day!

    Thanks Becky!!

  3. Becky Says:

    Thank you for your comments, Dave and Amanda.

    I tried to look up the actual statistics and the only source I found that gave percentages said that 85% of the things we worry about never happen. Unless things have changed dramatically in recent months, that number seems a little low to me. I thought it was more like 95%.

    Now, I’m worried! LOL

    So, let’s say the study that showed 85% of our worries NEVER coming to fruition is correct. Even then, there is only a 15% chance of that which we’re so concerned about really happening. Why is it human nature for us to focus on the 15% and not the 85%?


  4. Joanna Ramirez Says:

    You are a great writer! I have enjoyed each one of your writings…keep writing…keep blessing others……

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