Got Miracles?

January 28, 2009

So you’ve done everything you know to do. You’ve tried your hardest and yet your whole world seems to be caving in around you.

Your business is on the verge of financial collapse.  Your income simply can’t keep up with the “out go”.

Those sweet little cherubs you gave birth to a few short (or thirty-five) years ago have metamorphosed into creatures you barely recognize.  It would be no surprise if their heads suddenly started spinning.  Look out!  Here comes the pea soup!

…Or maybe you’ve been betrayed or abandoned by a close friend or family member.

All of a sudden your life story reads like a country song.  It’s bad, especially if you never cared much for country music.

I’d be doing you a dis-service if I were to try and convince you that we are not living in perilous times.  Worst of all, I’d be lying if I said my own household has been spared any adverse affects of the recent economic downturn.

I can’t even claim that my beloved family could realistically be featured in a Norman Rockwell painting at this particular point in time.

What I can say truthfully and with confidence is this …

We are on the verge of great miracles!

You see, I consider myself one of the most blessed people on earth.  I was born to parents who, from the day I was brought home from the hospital, taught me to believe in miracles.   And wow!  Do I ever!

At times like this I am reminded that no miracle in history has ever occurred out of “pleasant” circumstances.  Before a miracle happens, there has to be a dire situation that cannot be set right by mere mortals.  If there is even the most remote possibility we can “fix” something ourselves, then it’s just not “miracle material”.  It’s got to be BAD and there can be no conceivable way out barring supernatural intervention.

From all outward appearances, your dilemma must be overwhelming and without reasonable hope.

It’s the perfect setup!

If you can identify with these words, take heart!  Keep believing in miracles and the miracles WILL come!

But what do you do in the meantime?  How do you cope while you’re waiting for your miracle to knock on the door?

Back in the seventies it was common to hear people say, “Keep on truckin’ “.  It was a comical phrase, but I feel it applies here.  The worst thing you can do while you’re waiting on your miracle, is to quit.  You’ve got to “Keep on truckin’!”

Get up in the morning and make a pot of coffee, put one foot in front of the other, then repeat the process … make the bed, do the laundry, call a friend and encourage them … control those things you can, and let God handle those things you cannot.

Above all, never stop believing in miracles … and don’t put those miracles in a box.  To do so is to put limits on God. Your miracle might not look exactly like you thought it would.  If you’ve got some inflexible image in your head of how your miracle is going to show up, you risk the possibility of not recognizing it when you see it.   Open your mind and spiritual eyes so you don’t miss out.

Keep on truckin!

Keep on believing!

Keep trusting God.  HE knows exactly what you need.  HE is the one true source of miracles.


One Response to “Got Miracles?”

  1. Tyra Says:

    Wow! So encouraging! That is exactly what we have to do when we are waiting on our miracles. Even if it doesn’t seem to be coming, trusting that God is in control of it all will get us through to the next day…Thank you for such encouraging words.
    God has a plan no matter what seems to be going on around us.
    Be blessed Becky!

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