Boldly, Un-Ashamedly … “YOU”!

January 12, 2009

About a week ago I had the privilege of visiting with a group of dear friends and business partners.  The purpose of our meeting was to discuss our business strategy for the coming year.  During our time together it was suggested, among other things, that we begin sharing the responsibility of taking the stage and giving the presentations.

Until now, our friend Lou has been doing all the presenting.  Her big smile and bubbly, outgoing personality demands attention.  The moment she steps up to the platform all eyes and ears are on her.  One could accurately say she is a “natural” at what she does.

The suggestion that someone besides Lou take on the role of a presenter was met with some opposition.  In the course of the conversation I began to realize that several of us were hesitant to do so merely because we felt a bit intimidated at the thought of trying to fill Lou’s proverbial high heeled “shoes”.

It was not so much that any of us were concerned about our own competence on stage.   If memory serves me correctly, we all agreed that we really had no problem standing in front of a crowd and talking.  It turned out that our reluctance was rooted in the fact that we didn’t think we could give the presentations just like Lou gives them!

Well, she definitely is a hard act to follow, BUT …

Something is very wrong with that manner of thinking.  There we sat, a group of mature adults, each quite successful in our businesses and daily lives, and yet we’d all fallen into the trap of comparing ourselves to someone else.  We’d re-defined our concept of what a “successful” presentation should look like.  Lou’s method of presenting had become the new standard and of course, the rest of us were certain that any attempt we’d make would fall short of the mark.

In the end, we had a good laugh at ourselves and agreed it was “ok” to deliver presentations in the way we each felt most comfortable without the added pressure of  wondering whether or not we could “measure up” to Lou.  We decided that we were each “who” we were, and that was a GOOD thing!

Are you guilty of setting a similar snare for yourself?  Do you tend to judge your own success according to the performance of others?

If so, you are doing yourself a great injustice!

The truth is, you are “who” you are for a reason!  You entered this world with your own uniquely wonderful God given strengths and abilities!   Wouldn’t it be nice to operate unashamedly in those talents without feeling intimidated by someone else’s performance?

My challenge to you this week is to make a conscious effort to stop making comparisons.  Set your standards according to your own abilities and aspirations.

Deep in your heart, you know “who” you were born to be. You have an assignment here on earth that no one else has been given.  You, and only you can accomplish it.

So just do it!  Start now!

Make it a point to become boldly and unashamedly YOU!


One Response to “Boldly, Un-Ashamedly … “YOU”!”

  1. This is Well-Said, Becky! We each have our own unique personalities, qualities and skills. That’s what makes the world so interesting! Embrace the differences! Reminds me of my doll-collecting years when I collected Harald Naber’s hand-carved, wooden Character dolls called Naber Kids. He did some that were Eskimos and Indians – All kinds. His motto was “Celebrate Diversity”! Thanks for reminding me, Becky! 🙂

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