Many years ago, on a trip to New Orleans I learned that in order to construct a sky-rise there, the builder must first dig several stories deep into the ground in order to anchor the steel beams that will support the building.   If this isn’t done, the sky-rise will be unstable and easily blown over, or simply sink.

To those who grew up in an area at, near, or even below sea level, this might not really be “news” but as a native Ohioan I found it rather fascinating.

Before a structure can be built, there must be some digging done first.  The bigger/taller the building, the deeper the hole has to be.  Even though it makes perfect sense, I’d actually never thought about it before.

The same can be said to apply to dream building.   The bigger our dreams, the deeper the foundation must be placed.

While at first mention, the concept of “digging deep” appears to be a different task altogether, it’s actually a necessary part of the debris clearing process. Once the superficial stuff is out of the way, it’s time to grab a shovel and start investigating what lies under the surface.  With a little luck, the digging will go smoothly and easily.  But if you’re more like the rest of us, you can expect to hit some rocks and roots with your shovel!

Just like the stuff you’ve cleared from the surface, the rocks and roots under the ground must be removed or they will cause problems for your dream later on.  Expect to sweat a little, but know the end result is well worth it.

I didn’t intend for this blog to be geared so much towards fasting, but it seems to be heading that way so I’ll continue.

Fasting is a good way to get in touch with those things that lie beneath the surface in your spirit.  I can’t explain it, but based on my experience and the reports of others, it just works!  Things will turn up during fasting that might come as a total surprise.  I believe that, if God brings something to your mind, He does it for a reason. It’s time to deal with it!

Studying is also a good way to explore what lies deep within yourself.  Last year our women’s ministry participated in a study called “Breaking Free” by Beth Moore.  It was awesome!  I’d personally dealt with some issues in my life for almost as long as I could remember. That study caused me to face, and deal with them once and for all!

There were times when I wanted to put the book down and stop, it literally made me cry… but I forged ahead, knowing I HAD to get through it!  For too long, those issues had been stopping me from moving forward!  If I kept trying to ignore them, and build my dreams despite the obstacles, I would never succeed.  What a relief it was to finally understand that!

Grab your shovel!  Step out with faith and courage!  Take control of your dreams and your future and get to work!   Begin today to clear the path of all obstacles that stand in your way, be they above or below the surface.  If something doesn’t benefit you in your quest now, it will likely only hinder you later.  Chop through it and keep going until you reach solid, un-cluttered ground.

Remember, the deeper you dig, the stronger your foundation will be … and the higher you’ll be able to build your dreams!