Now Boarding! All Rows All Seats For Flight 2009!

December 31, 2008

Because my fourteen year old son’s father lives in Ohio and we live near Atlanta, I get to spend a good deal of time at the airport.  Unfortunately, most of my trips there are just that.  Trips to the airport, only to put Adam on a plane, then turn around and drive back home.

For someone who loves to travel, as I do, such a task can be sheer torture.  It’s like dangling a carrot in front of the rabbit’s nose.  Time after time I am forced to pass a dozen or so  gates with boards announcing exciting destinations as I escort Adam to his gate marked “Dayton”.

There, I will sit and wait , eyes scanning the crowd of people waiting along side us (and wondering why the heck so many people WANT to fly to Dayton of all places) as I listen to Adam chatter on.  If we’ve managed to get to the airport in ample time, it usually takes fifteen to thirty minutes before they finally call his zone number.   After what we refer to as our “airport prayer” for traveling mercies, he gives me a big hug and kiss on the cheek, then disappears down the walkway to his plane.

I normally watch out the window until the plane pulls away from the gate before I leave for the parking garage to get my car and embark on the drive back home.

It’s a tiring journey, especially considering that I don’t usually feel like I’ve accomplished anything (except of course, seeing that my son makes it safely to his plane)

To take the edge off the ordeal, I long ago came up with a “game” of sorts I like to play.  As we walk through the terminal, I read the destinations posted at each gate I pass and promise myself that one of these days I WILL impulsively buy a ticket and instead of making the usual trek up I-75 to the house,  go to some incredibly exciting location after Adam has departed for Ohio.

Oh for the day when my biggest dilemma is only to choose which plane I myself will board.

Cleveland?  … ummm NO

Memphis?  …. Nah!

New Orleans?  … maybe …

Puerto Vallarta? … NOW, we’re talking!

The problem is, in over five years of playing my game and making promises to myself, I’ve yet to follow through with it even once.   Instead, I do the same darn thing over and over again.  I take Adam to his gate, watch him get on his plane, then turn around and go back home, ending up right back where I started.

A lot of us live our entire lives in just that manner.  Although it’s easy enough to observe the opportunities life has to offer, and even watch as others take advantage of them, it can be equally as easy to say, “Nah! I’ll do that next time around”  We inadvertently end up putting off our plans until the desire to follow through has faded to only a memory.  How sad!

2008 has come to an end.  Think back to December 31, 2007, what were your plans for the New Year?  Did you follow through?

Or did you watch others pursue their dreams, as you personally chose to simply turn around and go back “home”?

“Flight 2009” is about to leave the gate.  I challenge you to make this the year you stop thinking about getting on board, and instead really go somewhere!  Take that chance! Do something exciting!

Become the person you know you were born to be!  It’s a decision you will not regret.

Here’s to a year of incredible blessings and abundance for you and yours!

Becky Taylor


4 Responses to “Now Boarding! All Rows All Seats For Flight 2009!”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    Wow! What an insightful and challenging article you have written! Happy New Year to you too, and may all your dreams come true!

  2. Vicki Says:

    Love this! Very stimulating to the “get up and go” in me! Thanks… and Happy 2009!

  3. Susanne Says:

    Enjoyed your writing. Hope you have a very fine 2009!

  4. Gail Says:

    Becky, that was great. It makes me think about not putting things off. Great writting too.


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