Unlocking Your Purpose: Key Three

December 17, 2008

When you think about the things you long to do in life, picture yourself already there.  How does it feel?  Hopefully one of the feelings that come to mind is “peace”.

Or better yet, does the thought of accomplishing that which you’ve set out to do bring a wonderful combination of peace AND excitement to your spirit?

“Peace” and “excitement” are not normally feelings we think of as happening simultaneously.  It would probably be quite difficult for someone who has never experienced the two together, to understand.   Yet, that is exactly how you will  feel when you KNOW you are walking in your purpose!  It’s an amazing, almost euphoric experience, and one that every person on earth should be able to enjoy at least once in their lifetime.

Here, I think it is important to understand that simply having a sense of “peace” does not necessarily mean you are where God has intended you to be in life.  Sometimes we feel what we might describe as “peace” because we aren’t doing anything to challenge ourselves.   I believe that “complacency” would be a better term for such a situation.

To step out boldly into your calling takes courage.  That’s where the “excitement” part comes in.  It’s that adrenaline rush you get when you try doing something that you are just a wee bit afraid of.  Sure, as long as you don’t confront the fear or accept the challenge, you will feel some kind of peace.

But you won’t be fulfilled, and you’ll never know whether or not you could have succeeded.

For example, I am both exhilarated and frightened half to death at the idea sky gliding … you know, where you jump off the side of a mountain with a set of  “wings” strapped to your back and “glide” around on air currents high above the ground?

I’ve always thought I’d probably love to do that if I could only work up the nerve to try it.

There is a place not to far from where we live, where you can drive up to an overlook of a gorgeous canyon.  People sky-glide there and it is situated so that one can observe safely on the ground as the sky-gliders go soaring by.   Sometimes they come so close that they can actually speak to you!  I love watching them.  I love hearing them “hoop and holler” with glee.  Part of me would love to be out there in the sky like they are instead of watching from the safety of the solid ground on the sidelines.

I’m rather ashamed to admit, however, that thus far my desire to maintain “peace” has over-ridden my longing to feel the exhilaration the sky-gliders are experiencing.  I’m just not quite there yet.  At this stage of my life, I doubt I ever will be.

So,  I have peace but only because I’ve decided, at least for the time being, to “play it safe”.

No guts, no glory!

Hopefully by now if you haven’t discovered what your purpose in life really is, you’ve at least got a better understanding of it than before you started this journey.   If not, please don’t despair!  Give yourself a little more time to ponder and pray!  It WILL come to you.  God has a way of bringing things about at just the right time if we are willing to wait on Him!


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